As a beginner or professional photographer, what you ought to know is that the background plays a key role in your photos. For starters, it helps to enhance your photos and second, it gives your photos character.

Choosing the background for your photo is very important. Here are steps to help you select the best background.

#1. Consider the subject

As a photographer, it is important to consider the subject when choosing the ideal background. For instance, if you are planning on shooting a model, the beach or outdoor backdrops are great backgrounds to consider.




For products, choose a plain or white background. It helps to enhance the product itself. What you need to know is that if the background does not work with the subject, the end results will not be pleasing.

#2. Take into account the lighting

Lighting is a key component in photography. Without it, it would be impossible to take any photos. As you already know, the modern camera has aperture and shutter speed.

These two features control the amount of light entering the camera. If the amount of light is less, then you have to choose the proper aperture and shutter speed setting.

So, when choosing your background even for popular photography contests, consider lighting. If you are planning on taking pictures outdoors, take advantage of the natural light. You can use backdrops to enhance your subject.

#3.Ensure it’s not distracting

In photography, the subject in the photo is the reason for taking the picture in the first place. The background and other elements are present to enhance the look of the final photo. When selecting the best background for your photos, make sure it is not distracting. If it is, the viewer’s attention will be distracted. Instead of looking at the subject, they will look at the background. So, try to avoid very loud and patterned backgrounds.

#4. Consider colors

Just like lighting, color is another key component that enhances the features of your subject. For instance, color helps your subject eye color, clothing and others to stand out.


When selecting the perfect background for your photo, make sure the colors complement your subject. That is his or her face, eye color, and clothing. For instance, if your subject is dressed in a plain white outfit, a mild green or blue background should work best. If you want to capture a closeup or moody picture, try blurred backgrounds.

#5.Avoid busy elements in your background

There comes a time when a photographer may opt to take photos in a busy place. Doing so can result in messy photos. If there are several subjects or elements in your photo, your subject will be lost in the mess.

When selecting the perfect background, choose one with details that helps to tell a story. Choosing a plain one everytime can also lead to boring photos. So,n choose a detailed background but avoid one with many elements.

As a photographer, you have the option of using outdoor backdrops. Not only do they enhance your creativity but they help to tell a deeper story. Such backdrops are popularly used in family and wedding photos. What you need to remember is that outdoor backdrops are tricky. So, take your time and find a peaceful location.