About Us

Mandala-Universe is a health and beauty website designed to provide detailed and client-interactive forums on health and beauty with a touch of both fun and information. We at Mandala-Universe believe that staying healthy is a very holistic aspect of human existence both physically and emotionally. We stress on the need of maintaining a balanced diet and a consistent regular exercise. We strive to engage our clients on the need to eat the right food, managing stress and exercising for a much more gratifying life.

Keeping a healthy diet means that we have to keep track of the amount of food we take from each food group. This also means keeping our bodies hydrated but it is also to avoid sugary drinks and caffeine and emphasize more on fluids such as water and fruit extracts. We are committed to being the leading health and beauty website in pursuit of dynamic well-being and genuine care. You can count on us to provide inspirational health tips and support you towards achieving better health outcomes. We will provide you with up to date health and beauty articles on diverse topics ranging from nutrition and dietetics, exercise and healthy diet.

We will give you plenty of ways that you can practice to keep fit without having to spend a lot of money.