How many types of drug and alcohol rehab are there?

There reaches a time in life when you are ashamed of what drugs and alcohol have turned you into. Friends and family may even end up neglecting or disowning you. You then begin feeling sorry for your self and try to stop taking the drugs. But unfortunately, you are addicted and the hunger to use the drugs makes you even sick and drags you back to the drugs. The only solution for a determined individual ready to stop taking drugs is rehab program.

In a rehab facility, you get to meet professionals who help you to withdraw from the specific drugs you are addicted to. They help you to detox then finally the appropriate treatment services are administered to you. According to the united recovery solutions, there are so many rehab programs, but the main are as discussed below;

1.Inpatient Treatment.

Inpatient treatment is the kind of rehab program meant for acute drug abuse. Someone recommended for such type of program is severe and deep into drugs and needs a lot of intensive care.


In inpatient treatment,detoxification services must take place then followed by the appropriate interventions meant to calm acute drug abuse concerns.

2.Residential Treatment.

The residential treatment program is among the most effective form of rehabilitation that helps drug addicts overcome their behavior. This treatment program offers the individual long-term care in a very safe environment.

What will determine your stay here is your speed of quick recovery and the rehab facility you go to. The residential treatment program helps the individual to restrain themselves from temptations and stressors and put all their energy towards the goal of recovering. This rehab program keeps one away from the old drug abuse lifestyle, and you can easily make a fresh and new start in life.

3.Sober Living Homes.

The sober living homes also referred to as halfway houses are more of a transition stage from full treatment and recovery to the new drug-free future. Individuals are placed in safe environments that help them adapt to the new lifestyle and avoid temptations to go back to drug and alcohol abuse.

4.Partial Hospitalization Programs.

Partial hospitalization programs-PHP is meant for individuals who do not actually need the 24/7 kind of care as in the case of residential or inpatient programs but still need the intensive sort of attention.

Rehab center


The rehabilitation center you choose will determine your PHP schedule. However, in most cases, you will be required to attend therapy for at least 5 days a week and for approximately 6 hours.

5.Intensive Outpatient Programs.

In Intensive outpatient programs-IOP, the individual is not supposed to stick in the rehab facility like in the Partial Hospitalization Programs. They can work from outside but attend a therapy schedule dictated by the rehabilitation center. In most case, the therapies occur a couple of days each week for approximately 3-4 hours.

The above are the most recommended rehabilitation programs that have been proved useful. Choose the right rehab facility, and your drug addiction problem will be history. They will make the struggle worthwhile.