How Many Years Does Lasik Eye Surgery Last?

For many individuals having problems with eyesight, the application of a Lasik eye surgery acts as an appeal to allow them to put their glasses aside, and enhance their natural look. Lasik like other laser surgeries of the eyes involves liberating people from the effects of poor eyesight.

As expected, individuals who go for Lasik surgery often need to know the years that their modified vision can last. It would not become a procedure worth the investment if it would only offer individuals brief freedom. Fortunately, the improved optics of those individuals who undergo the process persists for several years to come.

How Long Exactly?

It is not possible to determine the exact schedule on how long your vision can last after a Lasik eye surgery. The vision of an individual is affected by various variables like family history and age.

However, your general eyesight remains exceptionally superior for many years after undergoing surgery, generally into elderly years. Nevertheless, answering this question appropriately needs a more extensive examination of what the surgical procedure achieves and the aspects that influence it.


The atlanta lasik eye surgery is very fruitful at curing problems of short-sightedness and astigmatism. For those of you who are short-sighted, Lasik eye surgery can grant you a 20/20 or a far-sighted vision. The sight generally continues until old age.

However, as individuals grow older, they usually develop specific eye problems like cataracts, which affect their vision independently of the Lasik surgery. Therefore, while Lasik surgery remains helpful, it does not safeguard against other disorders.

Another disorder that comes as a result of old age is Hyperopia or far-sightedness, which is the lack of ability to focus on things that are close to your eyes. Although this situation can be remedied through Lasik, it is a common old-age factor and can recur even after surgery.

So, if you are considering undergoing a Lasik surgery, it is good to realize that the condition can come about despite a Lasik surgery.

Is It of Significance?

Without a doubt, the results speak for themselves for nearly all individuals who undergo Lasik eye surgery. Victims get rewarded with years of incredible well-defined sight. Only a little number of individuals need to undergo follow-up procedures to elevate results.

Expected Changes

Younger patients’ eyesight tends to change more over time, and their possibility of noticing blurriness in their sight as they grow older is high, even after having a Lasik surgery.


The eyes and surgical procedures in aged individuals are more stable, except for short-sightedness that naturally occurs as individuals age. This condition affects the eye lens and not the cornea that Lasik surgery operates on.


Healthcare providers say that it is unrealistic to expect your eyes to remain faultless for the rest of your life after a Lasik surgery. In any case, every organ in the human body changes and ages, and the eyes are not excluded. However, Lasik eye surgery is one easy technique for absolute freedom from eyesight problems. And for sure, it is good to go for an eye check-up once per year to ensure your vision is at its best, whether you have undergone Lasik surgery or not.