A History Dr. Judith Cornell

Dr. Judith Cornell is an award winning author of The Mandala Healing Kit and Luminous Symbols for Healing. She is highly versed with spiritual science and transpersonal psychology. She is also the founder of the Mandala Facilitation Trainings where she also served as a director. She has become the world renown motivational speaker whose healing techniques have been used all over the word to transform many lives.

Her ideologies have impacted physical and emotional healing, spiritual growth and creativity across the cultures of the world.

These practices are easy to use and can be learnt from the comfort of your home. The exercise is very interactive and uses techniques such as use of colored pencils and sounds to solve issues such as psychological fragmentation. Mandala Healing Kit for instance, is a 96 pages’ workbook that has 24 exercises that covers a wide range of human life experiences and can be used for an effective life changing meditation practice.


Dr. Judith has published several books that include Amma, Healing the Heart of the World, Mandala, Luminous symbols of Healing and Keys to Awakening Your Creative Power. All these publications carry the main message of healing and enlightenment which majorly focuses on the female divine aspects. They are very spiritual and speaks directly to the matters of the soul. These ideologies acknowledge the importance of every human being beyond the constructs of race, color religion by showing acceptance and unconditional love.


Dr. Judith Cornell also goes by the name, Rajita Sivananda. She began teaching the practice of Mandala in 1979 to her participants and this helped them discover spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Her teachings incorporated the importance of holding strong intentions on every aspect of life, speaking from the heart and from our heads, holding every individual in their highest esteem as well as reflecting the inner lights through the drawings that were part of the exercise in her classes.


The story of Amma depicts the life experiences of a woman who was born in India and who defied all odds to inspire healing in the world full of suffering. As she grew up, Amma realized that she was different from the other children and her special powers of healing began to manifest. She performed miraculous healing, showed compassion to lepers and devoted her life absorbing human suffering.