Awakening to one’s true Self-radiant nature is ultimate spiritual and emotional healing.       -Rajita Sivananda [Judith Cornell]


Dr. Rajita Sivananda (Judith Cornell Ph.D.) is the award-winning author of MANDALA:Luminous Symbols for Healing. Since a radical awakening in 1979, she began pioneering a method to help others to awaken and heal at the deepest levels. Her method blends the sacred art and the spiritual science of the mandala with theories in quantum physics, raja and kundalini yoga, and transpersonal psychology.

Dr. Sivananda is a classically trained yogini of the Hindu non-dual Saivite tradition. She is founder and director of Mandala Facilitation Trainings.  Her life is dedicated to giving webinars, retreats and workshops that support awakening of one's true Self.  

She is also the author of The Mandala Healing Kit, Amma: Healing the Heart of the World and Drawing the Light from Within. Presently an assistant professor in the department of Transpersonal Psychology at Holos University Graduate Seminary (HUGS ) founded by Dr. Norm Shealy MD. http://www.HUGS-edu.org





November 17th, 2009 Satguru Bodhinatha of the Kadavul Hindu Temple in Kauai blessed Judith Cornell with her new Saivite Hindu name Rajita Sivananda


Judith’s gift is in helping us find that luminous core within ourselves. –Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

Listen to Judith Cornell: Facilitation Training - "Manifesting Inner Light"

Arts & Healing Network interview with Judith Cornell
This issue of AHN News is dedicated to the healing power of the MANDALA.



My work helping leaders grapple with their personal destinies and the destinies of their organizations has been deeply enriched by Judith Cornell's extraordinary exploration of mandalas. Her methods for using a timeless process of spiritual growth are directly applicable to the personal and corporate healing needed today.
-Daniel K. Oestreich, co-author Driving Fear Out of the Workplace

I have attended many, many presentations. None can compare with Judith's work in value or meaning for the participants. I truly experienced a shift in consciousness. My life will not be the same-is not the same.
-Pat Sommers, Board of Directors, Unity Church, Chesterland, Ohio

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